The site of numerous assaults, robberies, stabbings, and murders, Blood Alley earned its name. No part of this covered breezeway was visible from the wall or any tower. Inside was little better. A hump in the middle limited visibility from either end. Furthermore, a group of inmates could easily block observation of nefarious activity.

In the picture below, the hospital and pill line are on the right; Central Control, the BPFU, and Four/Five Wing are on the left. The auditorium, also a dangerous place in the 1970s, is in the distance.


Blood Alley couldn't be viewed from the wall or any tower

Blood Alley

Inside Blood Alley

Inside Blood Alley

3 thoughts on “BLOOD ALLEY

  1. My brother is currently at Walla Walla State penitentiary and he says that place has a super scary feeling about it compared to the rest of the jail. he said in the middle of the night when everybody was asleep he heard some loud screams that came from that area.

    • For a long time the place lots of inmates thought was haunted was the third floor of the old hospital where Dr. Hunter had his infamous program. There definitely was screaming coming from there when the program was running. The hospital was just east of Blood Alley. It’s the three story building in the foreground to the right of the overhead image of Blood Alley above. Check out the post called “The Third Floor.”

    • I never heard sounds but the basement of the hospital was the creepiest place in that whole prison. I worked in the hvac department so I saw a lot of that place that the average guy doesn’t, including in the old steam tunnels under six wing, inside the old movie theater, under the kitchen, etc.. During my years behind the walls I lived in 6,7,8 1 North and 4 wing (Big Red) 4 wing was short term seg and ad seg.

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